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Setting up and Changing Voicemail
Article Reference NumberAA-02023

Log In

  1. From Simmons College, dial 2345 (from outside, dial 617-521-2345)
  2. Enter your mailbox number (the last 4-digits of your telephone number) followed by the # key.
  3. Enter your password. If you have not used the system before, contact to receive a default PIN. You will be asked for your Simmons ID number.

Change your Password

  1. While logged into Voice Mail, press 84.
  2. Enter your new password, then press # key. Your password may be from five to sixteen numbers but cannot include the characters # and *.
  3. Enter the password again, then press #.
  4. Enter your old password, then press #.

Change audio greeting and recorded name

Callers from outside Simmons College will hear your external greeting while callers within the college will hear you internal greeting. A recording of your name is used for personal verification.

Record your Greeting (including an "out-of-the-office" message)

If you record an external greeting only, all callers will hear this greeting. If you record both an external and an internal greeting, off-campus callers will hear the external greeting while on-campus callers will hear the internal greeting. If you record a temporary greeting, all callers will hear that greeting until the expiry date is reached.

Use the "temporary greeting" feature for vacation, or out-of-the-office messages.

  1.  When logged in to Voice Mail, press 82
  2. Choose which greeting to record:
    1. For your external greeting, press 1
    2. For your internal greeting, press 2
    3. For your temporary absence greeting, press 3
  3. To record, press 5
  4. Wait for the tone before you start to speak
  5. To end your greeting, press #

Record Your Name:

  1. While logged in to Voice Mail, press 82
  2. Press 9
  3.  To record, press 5, wait for tone, and record your name and, if you wish, your extension number
  4. To end the recording, press #

For additional voicemail usage information, see Using Simmons Voicemail.

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