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Forward voicemails to email as .WAV files
Article Reference NumberAA-02026

Message Forwarding first requires contacting the service desk at to have your mailbox programmed for this service.

You can use My CallPilot to send your voicemail messages to an email account as .wav audio files. When the message arrives in your email inbox, just click on the attachment icon, and the voicemail will play. You will be able to check your voicemail from your compute, and from mobile devices like iPhone and Android phones.

  1. Request that your mailbox be programmed for this service by contacting the Service Desk.
  2. Log into your CallPilot account at Your Mailbox is the last four digits of your phone number. Enter the password you use when you pick up your voicemail messages on the phone. (If you don’t remember your password, contact Simmons Technology)
  3. Go to the Call Pilot Features tab and click on the Message Forwarding Rule link.
  4. Update My CallPilot with where to send your voicemail messages by creating a Rule. Click on Configure Rule.
  5. Question 1: Select the messages you would like to forward. Send all types of messages to your email account by clicking on the down arrow and selecting All Messages.
  6. Question 2: What email address do you want to use? Click the Email Address button and type in your Simmons email address.
  7. Question 3: When should My CallPilot mark the voicemail as Read? Simmons Technology recommends leaving the boxes unchecked. When a voicemail message is left on your phone, My CallPilot sends a copy of the message to the email address you give it. When you listen to the copy of the message in your email account, the original message will still be in your voicemail on your phone. In order to delete the original message, call your voicemail and delete the message from your phone.
  8. Question 4: What type of sound file should My CallPilot send? My CallPilot can convert your voicemail to a .wav file which can be read by most media readers (Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, etc.). Select WAV.
  9. Now click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. You will exit back to the Configure Rule screen.

If you would like to make changes in the future and start at step two. You will be able to make and save changes. 

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