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Connecting to the Wireless Network
Article Reference NumberAA-02037
Wireless networking is available throughout the Academic Campus and Residence Campus, and can be accessed by both Simmons students and guests.
Once you are connected, your device will automatically reconnect as you move from location to location.


You will need the following to connect to and use the Simmons Wireless Network:

  •     A computer with 802.11b/g/n compatible wireless network card OR a WiFi enabled mobile device.
  •     Your Simmons email username and password (If you are a guest user, you do not need a Simmons username and password).

Connecting to the Network

For mobile devices:

 These basic settings will have to be entered once you select the Simmons Secure wireless network from your device:

  • SSID = "Simmons Secure"
  • "Security" = WPA2 Enterprise
  • "EAP method" = "PEAP" (if prompted for this)
  • "Phase 2 authentication" = "MSCHAPV2" (if prompted for this)
  • "Identity" or "Username" = Your Simmons username.
  • "Password" = Your Simmons password

For Laptop Computers:

Locate the wireless icon on your computer:
  • On a Mac, this is located on the top right of your screen, near the time and date.
  • On a Windows computer, this is located on the taskbar at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Choose the wireless network called "Simmons Secure".
  • When prompted, enter in your Simmons Username and your Simmons Password into the username and password fields.
  • Choose WPA2 or WPA2 Enterprise as your Security selection and then click OK or Accept. Your computer should now be connected.

For Guest Access:

  • Choose the wireless network called "Simmons".
  • Open a web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari) and navigate to any website.
  • Your web browser will be redirected to the Simmons Wireless Network login page.
  • Click 'login as guest'.
  • Review the terms and conditions, you may have to enter in your email address, check 'I agree', and click the login button. You should now be connected to the Simmons wireless network as a guest.

Additional Support

For assistance configuring your wireless device to access the Simmons Wireless Network, contact the Service Desk at (or 617-521-2222).

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