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Connecting to the Simmons Network
Article Reference NumberAA-02038

Simmons provides wired Ethernet Internet access throughout the Residence Campus and in public areas on the Academic Campus. To connect, a computer must have an Ethernet port and you must supply your own "Cat 5 RJ-45" Ethernet cables. To connect, simply plug the Ethernet cable into your computer and into any data port on campus. Once connected, you will have access to the Internet, networked printers, and Simmons email and file servers.

There is also wireless access available throughout the Academic and Residence campuses. Please note that registration of network devices at the Residence Halls is now required for both wired and wireless access. This can be accomplished through (which you should be prompted for when you first attempt to go to a website on the wired or wireless connections).

Students living off-campus can access the College's resources by connecting to the Internet via a local Internet Service Provider (ISP). Off-campus students are responsible for choosing, setting up and paying for Internet access. When connected to the Internet off campus, you will need to use VPN to access certain Simmons services (such as the file server).

Basic Troubleshooting Tip:
Your computer is connected to the Simmons network by an Ethernet cable. This cable looks similar to a telephone cable, except that it is larger and the connector is wider. Network cables are secured with a plastic tab, but they can sometimes become unplugged from their sockets. Unplugging a cable from your computer and the wall socket and then plugging it back in can solve a large number of network problems.

If you require additional assistance with network connections, contact the Service Desk at or 617-521-2222.

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