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How to get to the G: (Department / Faculty and Staff) Drives
Article Reference NumberAA-02103

At Simmons, the G: drive is used for shared storage.

From On-Campus

To access your G: drive from a PC, click on My Computer from the Desktop and then the computer drive labeled with your username.
On Windows 7, go to the Start Menu and click Computer.  Under Network Location, you should see the G: drive labeled as "Dept (\\MCBFS1)".  If it does not show up, you can map it by going to the toolbar near the top of Windows Explorer and click Map network drive.  Choose G: for the Drive and enter in \\mcbfs1\Dept for the Folder.  Make sure Reconnect at logon is checked off and then click Finish.  The G: drive should now show up under Network Location even after logoff/restart.

To access your G: drive from a Mac, sign into your account on a computer, and then look on the dock at the bottom of the screen for a folder labeled with your username.

When you do, you will also see the following drives:

  • Department Drive: The people in your department can access data on your department’s drive.
  • Public (P:) and StudentData (N:) Drives: The entire Simmons community can access public drives; students can read but not change files stored on Public.

From Off-Campus

Whether you are using your personal or a Simmons-owned computer, if you are not currently connected to the Simmons network, you will need to follow additional steps to access your Y: or any other Simmons drives.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your universal Simmons username and password
  3. Click on home or browse networks.
  4. Click on MCBFS1.
  5. Click on Users (your personal drive) or DEPT (your department drive.)
  6. The requested files will be visible.
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