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Technology Project Proposal Form and Cost Model (PMO)
Article Reference NumberAA-03505

If you would like to propose a project that involves technology, please follow these steps. All FY15 technology projects must go through this process to be approved by the Operating Committee.

  1. Fill out the attached Technology Project Proposal Form. Use the criteria on page 7 of the attached PMO Process presentation to help fill out the form
  2. Fill out the cost model (you'll only need to enter one number, the model calculates the rest)
  3. Submit proposal to PMO@simmons.edu by January 13, 2014 at the latest for consideration for FY15
  4. You will receive feedback by January 24, 2014 from the PMO on your form
  5. Send your final version of the Project Proposal Form and cost model to PMO@simmons.edu by January 31, 2014
  6. Technology will present all proposed projects to the Operating Committee for consideration in March 2014
  7. Project approvals will be announced in late March 2014

Projects that have any of the following characteristics need to follow the PMO guidelines:

  • Hardware or software purchase in excess of $5,000 or any technology purchase that would require agreeing to a contract (including online agreement to T&Cs)
  • ANY Simmons data that is sent to a third party
  • Requires more than 30 hours of Technology staff time to assist with project activities such as: requirements, development, testing, configuration, implementation or ongoing maintenance
  • Requires integration/interfaces or other communication with existing systems – or has anticipated future communication with Simmons’s systems (including single sign-on integration)
  • Requires custom extracts from existing systems

For questions or help with the process, please contact PMO@simmons.edu or call Deborah Wahlen at x2061

Related attached documents and forms:

  • Technology Project Proposal Form
  • Cost Model
  • Overview of Technology Project Approval Process

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